Wild About Gardens offers Landscape Design Services and Horticultural Consultation.


$180 for the first hour on site
$90 per hour for all further work

Consultation Only

We provide a consultation only service for clients requiring professional garden advice on a small scale eg. ways to revitalise sections of an existing garden or for very basic planting plans. Advice, notes and a sketch can be provided during the time on site.


Landscape Design Process

Initial Consultation

  • The usual process is to make a time to meet on site to discuss your needs where we take a brief about what you would like as well as check measurements and details and ensure we have all the information needed to prepare a comprehensive design.
  • If you can provide a scaled site plan it will save time measuring up or for complex sites a survey may need to be commissioned.
  • For new homes/buildings please provide all available documentation including floor plans and elevations.
  • Present as much information at this stage as you can about styles, features, preferred plants and materials etc to ensure you achieve the outcome you want.
  • Remote projects can be assessed and quoted from plans, photographs etc. if a site visit is not possible.

Design Proposal/ Concept

After our consultation, a design proposal is prepared which will indicate costs and what you will receive for your fee.  A concept plan may need to be prepared to ensure you are happy with the layout before we proceed to a final design.

Final Plan

When the design proposal is accepted and any concept plans have been approved, the final plan is prepared in further detail, including a comprehensive planting plan, notes and recommendations for contractors who can quote on installation if necessary. A handover meeting is booked to present the plan and discuss any queries or concerns about sourcing quotes and materials or how to proceed.