Red Capped Flowering Gum shows off in summer

Red capped flowering gum

Who says native gardens have no colour?

This picture shows Eucalyptus erythrycorys or ‘Illyarrie’ which is flowering now. It gets its common name from the interesting ribbed red caps which drop off to reveal an unusual four sided flower with clusters of golden stamens. The trunk is white and leaves are scythe shaped and weeping. The smaller branches are an attractive red colour and a real feature, particularly when the tree is young.

There are more upright forms but usually it grows as a small gum with a twisty habit. Labelling does not distinguish between forms so it is just the odd selection which seems to decide to grow straight and tall. Height can vary between 3 to 8m.

Originating from coastal plains north of Perth, the Illyarrie is extremely drought tolerant and also handles frost and heavier soils, so a very adaptable little tree.

Plant as a single specimen tree or in a grove for larger properties. Very bird attracting.