Limestone Craftsmanship

Boobook Landscapes wall

In WA limestone is abundant and the material of choice for many landscaping projects, whether it be retaining, paving or cladding. I am not a fan of the reconstituted products, preferring the naturally quarried stone which has much more character.

There are a range of grades of limestone available including quarry cut blocks, or diamond cut for a smoother finish and then limestone spalls or limestone ‘rubble’ which can be used for free form walling etc. either with a cut or natural face.

Wild About Gardens has called on the expertise of stonemasons like Landcraft Landscaping and Boobook Landscapes (see images) to install our designs. Damien Edmonds of Landcraft is a genius with stone and works across a range of materials.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a character named Bob Miller, a Fremantle local who works extensively with limestone. We took a tour of some of his work, ranging from building, walling and fencing and I was impressed with his fantastic craftsmanship. Check out the images of the limestone work at his house. Ostensibly a garage it doubles as a lovely studio space.

Bob Miller stone masonry

Bob Miller limestone

Landcraft Landscaping limestone wall