A Country Garden Comes to Life

Meandering Country Garden Paths

Meandering paths through lush gardens

As a designer our job is to bring our clients’ dreams and visions to life.

These clients run an organic citrus orchard in Yarloop and wanted to create a beautiful garden in a bare paddock between their house and the creek line.

The brief was to create a stunning garden with a romantic semi-formal feel in preparation for their son’s wedding.

Beautiful gazebo in country garden

Rustic gazebo

There was a winter wet depression where the creek would often overflow so we decided to install a permanent pond there with a bridge over it.  I created curved lawn areas and meandering limestone paths and various destinations and features in the garden including a large timber arbour, gazebo, circular seating area and contemplation spiral as well as a deck area overlooking the creek.

Advanced trees were specified and sourced to give the garden an established feel. Multiple plantings of hardy cottage and romantic plants were used, with selected plants with stronger form giving shape to the garden.

The wedding went well, everyone loved the garden and after only two years it looks as though it has always been there. It is full of colour, texture and scent and the seasonal changes make it interesting throughout the year.

I had a lot of fun working on a design for them. They were open to my ideas and had the skills and enthusiasm to build structures and do the install themselves. I was so impressed with their resourcefulness and the garden is something they can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.


Circular resting area in country garden

Circular resting area

Preliminary Country Garden plan

Preliminary garden plan

Bridge across country garden pond

Bridge across country garden pond